Newsletter 'inbetween' :
conversation with an anthropologist, Lindsay French

16 pages . 8.5”x17”. 2007

The newsletter, “inbetween” is for a part of my study which is titled ‘Peripheral Vision.’ It is about how the peripheral in socio-cultural structures or systems can be seen through graphic design. In order to have “Peripheral Vision”, I would like to produce a journal space currently titled “inbetween” . It is concerned with research and ideas that help build “Peripheral Vision” through conversations, interviews, essays, and projects.

The first issue focuses on the “Inbetween” between graphic design and anthropology. I will be examining specifically this space occupied between graphic designers and anthropologists. It seems that both disciplines, anthropology and graphic design share many attributes in common. This issue of “Inbetween” visits and meets an anthropologist, Lindsay French who teaches anthropology at RISD.