Non-hierarchy Colophon


Colophon is a representaion of hierarchy where credit is given to a certain portion of the entire booking making process. But somehow proportion is not equally balanced. Unlike the mental work system where naming individuals such as an author, an editor, and a designer exists, the printing and binding systems never name their individuals. They show only what the industrial company is. It is needless to say that even the company’s name is laid out on the bottom. Even if some people say that the order of naming represents the order of process, many individual printers and their laboring have disappeared as subjects. We cannot possibly SEE-KNOW who prints a book, meanwhile we all know that there is the moment the pages are printed by them. My interest is as a graphic designer to further explore these spaces what they means as I would like to see change in some of these pre-exisitng hierarchy. As a graphic designer, I sincerely speculate how I organize or layout visual elements and how visual elements have represented our lives in modern society. Through this reflective process, I would like to build the way of seeing the peripheral which are often disappearing or never there.


 Non-hierarchy colophon