The Day, Days, and Routine

Typeface . 2007 & 2013

The common understanding of the routine is that of nothing special. Something routine is often forgotten and everyday. In general, it is a situation in which life is boring because things are always done or repeated in the same manner every time. Sometimes, people take this for granted. However, even though routine seems to be the same, it cannot always be the same. So how can one value routine? I believe that in closer examination, creating a dialogue about routine life can be one of the ways to value it or add value to it.

Looking at my calendar, I created three typefaces to speak to myself about reflecting on days lived.I sought to voice the routine aspects of my life through these typefaces, ‘The day’, ‘Days’, and ‘Routine’. The shapes of them stem and originate from each day in my calendar.


My calendar I: september 2007 

My calendar II: May 2007 

The day : a I 

The day : a II 

The day I 

The day II