C-U-B-E Workshop 03: On The Boundaries

March 29-31
At the experimental design lab, C-U-B-E (Room N 231)
The Lamar Dodd School of Art
The University of Georgia

Collaborators: Moon Jang, Joel Kern, Christopher Knowles, Erin Moore, and Julie Rodriguez

Thanks to the following participants: Emily Brown, Rebecca Cash, Caitlin Lemoine, Austin Veiger, Prestin Smith, and the Graphic Design Club

Exhibition: April 11 - May 12, 2016
Closing Reception: May 12th, 6-8 pm, 2016

C-U-B-E is pleased to feature a collaborative visual study that focuses on the relationships between the physicality of the C-U-B-E space and various concepts of boundary. In this workshop, C-U-B-E is defined as a liminal space, which has two white walls and two glass walls, and it allows one to feel inside and outside simultaneously. This workshop also explores ways to define and interpret the boundaries and materials, and the observable actions, playful rules, and unpredictable aspects of design inspired by Conditional Design.* In addition, the outcomes, the spatial experiences of the visualized boundaries are transformed into a printed surface. On the Boundaries was created in collaboration with the graphic designers, Moon Jang, Joel Kern, and Julie Rodriguez; a textile designer, Erin Moore; and Christopher Knowles, an independent designer based in Atlanta. It was supported by the student organization, Graphic Design Club.

*Conditional Design is a design method formulated by the graphic designers Luna Maurer, Jonathan Puckey, Roel Wouters and the artist Edo Paulus. Conditions of play are drawn up to invite cooperation within a ‘regulated’ process towards an unpredictable result.

The Images below:
1. A Sketch by Moon Jang
2. A photo of "On The Boundaries" Photographed by Julie Rodriguez