Met-hod 01
Method of art and Design

Type&Image I(Layout),
Lamar Dodd School of art, UGA, Spring 2009
Interview Poster, Black and White, 23x27.5"

The first issue of Met-hod is themed ‘Method of Art and Design.’ Even though it is a tremendously huge theme to explore, we collected the content by interviewing faculty members at Lamar Dodd School of Art, UGA about how artists and designers work. The project was conducted using several steps. The first is investigating/researching and preparing the questions. The second is conducting the interview, including transcribing and editing. The third is creating a poster which conveys the interview through type and image. The fourth is inviting guest critics to comment on the works. All posters were exhibited to the public after the critique.

*The word method is derived from the Greek word, methodos, which combines meta meaning ‘With’ and hodos meaning ‘A way of thinking, feeling and deciding’. In addition, there is a noun, ‘hod’ in English which means a container for carrying loads. For designers a form could be a hod(container) to convey type and image. Thus the journal Met-hod is defined by a journey to encounter form, by raising the inquiries about methods of various working areas.

*Met-hod aims:
to draw attention to various working people in our routine life,
to discover how people shape their work,
to experience the journal design process, and
to practice arranging type and image.


Kelly Bowen 

Nicole Bruce 

Jeremy Dejiacomo 

Lindsey Hidlow 

Samira Khoshnood