But the Clouds

Oct,11~11.7, 2016
Mason-Scharfenstein Museum of Art
Demorest, Georgia

This exhibition features graphic designer and design educator Moon Jung Jang’s most recent work. By using design systems, methods, and visual forms, she explores simultaneity, transformation, duality, modularity, and ambivalence as visual concepts to translate paradoxical and inseparable relationships between space-time, structure-light, time-time, space-space, time-light–color, and time-age-memory. The exhibition includes her new works such as Nine to Five within Nine to Five; A Sequence of Blue: Labor Day 2016; 24 Hours within Space-Time; 24 Hours within One Revolution; a typeface, Month; But the Clouds; and S.S.F.T.W.T.M at an angle of -7 degrees.



a typeface, Month 

24 Hours within Space-Time 

A Sequence of Blue: Labor Day 2016 

S.S.F.T.W.T.M at an angle of -7